The turkeys of Marmilu Farms hope to entertain you. Come see for yourself! They are the most curious and social of the poultry and are always ready to greet you with a gobble-gobble and an enthusiastic sprint to the boundary of their paddock. Turkeys spend their first 4 weeks in the brooder and then move to grass where they enjoy fresh pasture and a non-GMO feed supplement. We utilize a paddock system with electric netting surrounding the “Rolling Roost,” a mobile structure that provides a roost for the evening and shade during the day. Compared to our chickens, turkeys eat twice as much grass and insects. It’s amazing to watch! We raise the Broad Breasted White Turkey, as well as a limited number of heritage breeds that include the Midget White, Bourbon Red, and Standard Bronze. For your Thanksgiving table or for everyday fare, these birds are exceptional!