How? We believe in intelligent design—that for each creature, humans included, there is a way of life that fits with the Creator’s design. For the sheep and the cow, that means eating grass, lots of it, and not eating grain, ever. For the chicken and other poultry, that means pecking and scratching and foraging.  And for the pig that means tilling, rooting, and carrying on with all its usual “pigness.”  When humans respect and accommodate the patterns of life that fit God’s creatures, good things happen. Really good things.

Everything we do at Marmilu Farms is geared towards re-creating on a local scale what we see played out in places like the African Serengeti or the American Plains of the 19th century. There, large herds continually move, followed by flocks of birds and an array of other animals whose symbiotic activities sanitize and regenerate the soil. Our role is to facilitate this symbiotic, multi-species, pastoral dance. Done correctly, this process renews soils, which in turn produce a diversity of healthy plants that are consumed by healthy animals and produce healthy meat. The diversity of this ecosystem allows us to raise animals free of drugs or synthetic chemicals, because our animals’ immune systems are stronger than animals conditioned to antibiotics, chemicals, and single-species feeds. Research shows time and again that animals raised our way are healthier than their conventional counterparts. Our animals’ meat not only tastes better but is healthier for you. And rather than sapping the environment, our farming processes restore and heal the land. It is a true win-win. Come by the farm and see for yourself what makes Marmilu Farms unique! 

Our pastured lamb is grass fed, fattened, and finished as nature intended. Our sheep follow the cowherd in a controlled grazing plan that allows them to eat whatever forage the cows leave behind. Marmilu Farms’ lambs turn what most people consider weeds into lean, flavorful meat that is tender, lower in fat than grain-fed meat, and rich in omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, beta-carotene, and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). Research shows that animals raised on grass have almost five times more CLA than animals fed using conventional confinement methods. This helps consumer’s bodies burn off fat and increase muscle. Makes sense doesn’t it? If you eat an animal that is raised like a couch potato, you might become one too. Our lambs are drug-free and graze on pasture that is herbicide and pesticide free. We raise a variety of hair sheep breeds, including Katahdin, Black Headed Dorper, and St. Croix. 

Our pastured beef is grass fed, fattened, and finished as nature intended. Our herd is drug-free and grazes on pasture that is herbicide and pesticide free. We use electric fence to move our herd to a fresh salad bar each day. By replicating the mobbing effect seen on the African Serengeti, we are able to achieve stunning results on our beautiful West Tennessee landscape. Every year, our mob grazing generates more topsoil, soil life, and earthworms, as well as diverse flora and grasses. By cooperating with God’s design for these animals, we literally help to heal the landscape. 

We have learned that raising grass-fed beef that is also tender and full of flavor requires combining healthy forage with the right breed for the particular landscape. We have chosen to build our herd around the Southpoll breed—a composite breed developed from the Barzona, Hereford, Senepol, and Angus lines. Southpoll cattle are bred to be heat tolerant and produce tender beef relying solely on grass. 

Try our Southpoll beef. The tenderness and flavor is exceptional, all while having about the same amount of fat as a piece of lean chicken. Enjoy eating our beef and healing the land at the same time! 

Our heritage breed hogs are raised both on pasture and in the woods. They forage with enthusiasm, and to balance their dietary needs we supplement them with a non-GMO feed. We rely on our hogs as partners in our farming enterprise. With the right management, their manure fertilizes and enriches our soil rather than poisoning it. We depend on their “pigaerating” ability to turn our compost piles before we spread the rich organic matter on our pastures, restoring the soil and accelerating the growth of grasses. 

Our hogs are drug free, which is highly unusual in the world of pork. (Hogs are one of the most medicated animals in the confinement industry due to their overly cramped and unsanitary conditions.) Do yourself a favor and enjoy our great tasting pork knowing that you are honoring the “pigness of the pig” and healing the land one piece of bacon at a time. 


Our poultry are all raised on open grass, and their meat is high in beneficial fats, vitamins, and omega-3s that lower cholesterol and reduce degenerative disease. These birds never receive antibiotics, hormones, synthetic chemicals or medicated feed of any kind. Their foraging is supplemented with a custom- milled, non-GMO feed produced by Mid-South farmers who practice regenerative, sustainable agriculture. Not only do our poultry make you feel better, they taste better too! When the birds are allowed to express their physiological distinctiveness, they thrive and you savor the benefits! 

Our egg-laying ladies are our pasture sanitizers and fertilizers. A diverse convention of Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rocks, Buff Orpingtons, Black Australorps, Silver Laced Wyandottes, and White Leghorns, these high-spirited gals follow right on the heels of our herbivores, scratching through and spreading the cow and sheep manure.  They gobble up the ready-to-hatch fly larvae, keeping fly populations and parasite levels low. Their manure is high in nitrogen, which stimulates grass regrowth.  

These ladies are completely free range, gathering what they can forage from our pastures and being supplemented with non-GMO feed. And their eggs will blow you away when compared to the supermarket variety. They have bright orange yolks and rich, delicious flavor.  The health benefits of pastured eggs are equally amazing. 


Our broilers (meat chickens) are raised on pasture after their first two weeks of life and supplemented with a non-GMO feed. We use one of two methods to ensure our broilers always have plenty of fresh grass and sunshine. The Salatin-style “Chicken Tractor” is a floorless mobile pen that provides both weather and predator protection to the birds and is moved to fresh pasture daily. The “Shade Shack” uses electric netting around a covered hay wagon chassis to protect from predators while providing shade, drinking water, and shelter from the rain.  Each method has an upside: the “Chicken Tractor” better harnesses and concentrates nitrogen from chicken manure resulting in a greater increase of grasses.  The “Shade Shack” allows the birds more breathing room and is less labor intensive. By naturally spreading chicken manure, both methods deposit approximately 300 pounds of nitrogen per acre per year! All without a tractor or a single drop of petroleum-based fertilizer! We raise both the Cornish Cross and a heritage breed called the Poulet Rouge. The taste and texture of both of these birds is absolutely phenomenal. 


The turkeys of Marmilu Farms hope to entertain you. Come see for yourself! They are the most curious and social of the poultry and are always ready to greet you with a gobble-gobble and an enthusiastic sprint to the boundary of their paddock. Turkeys spend their first 4 weeks in the brooder and then move to grass where they enjoy fresh pasture and a non-GMO feed supplement. We utilize a paddock system with electric netting surrounding the “Rolling Roost,” a mobile structure that provides a roost for the evening and shade during the day. Compared to our chickens, turkeys eat twice as much grass and insects. It’s amazing to watch! We raise the Broad Breasted White Turkey, as well as a limited number of heritage breeds that include the Midget White, Bourbon Red, and Standard Bronze. For your Thanksgiving table or for everyday fare, these birds are exceptional!