Our heritage breed hogs are raised both on pasture and in the woods. They forage with enthusiasm, and to balance their dietary needs we supplement them with a non-GMO feed. We rely on our hogs as partners in our farming enterprise. With the right management, their manure fertilizes and enriches our soil rather than poisoning it. We depend on their “pigaerating” ability to turn our compost piles before we spread the rich organic matter on our pastures, restoring the soil and accelerating the growth of grasses. 

Our hogs are drug free, which is highly unusual in the world of pork. (Hogs are one of the most medicated animals in the confinement industry due to their overly cramped and unsanitary conditions.) Do yourself a favor and enjoy our great tasting pork knowing that you are honoring the “pigness of the pig” and healing the land one piece of bacon at a time.