Our pastured beef is grass fed, fattened, and finished as nature intended. Our herd is drug-free and grazes on pasture that is herbicide and pesticide free. We use electric fence to move our herd to a fresh salad bar each day. By replicating the mobbing effect seen on the African Serengeti, we are able to achieve stunning results on our beautiful West Tennessee landscape. Every year, our mob grazing generates more topsoil, soil life, and earthworms, as well as diverse flora and grasses. By cooperating with God’s design for these animals, we literally help to heal the landscape. 

We have learned that raising grass-fed beef that is also tender and full of flavor requires combining healthy forage with the right breed for the particular landscape. We have chosen to build our herd around the Southpoll breed—a composite breed developed from the Barzona, Hereford, Senepol, and Angus lines. Southpoll cattle are bred to be heat tolerant and produce tender beef relying solely on grass. 

Try our Southpoll beef. The tenderness and flavor is exceptional, all while having about the same amount of fat as a piece of lean chicken. Enjoy eating our beef and healing the land at the same time!