Our broilers (meat chickens) are raised on pasture after their first two weeks of life and supplemented with a non-GMO feed. We use one of two methods to ensure our broilers always have plenty of fresh grass and sunshine. The Salatin-style “Chicken Tractor” is a floorless mobile pen that provides both weather and predator protection to the birds and is moved to fresh pasture daily. The “Shade Shack” uses electric netting around a covered hay wagon chassis to protect from predators while providing shade, drinking water, and shelter from the rain.  Each method has an upside: the “Chicken Tractor” better harnesses and concentrates nitrogen from chicken manure resulting in a greater increase of grasses.  The “Shade Shack” allows the birds more breathing room and is less labor intensive. By naturally spreading chicken manure, both methods deposit approximately 300 pounds of nitrogen per acre per year! All without a tractor or a single drop of petroleum-based fertilizer! We raise Cornish Cross chickens and the taste and texture is absolutely phenomenal.