Summer Wrap Up

This summer has been BUSY!  With having to move again last fall, this was our first summer in our new place which meant new water lines, electric fences, and new systems to implement based on our specific location.  We rented our neighbor's 100 acres, which is where we run our cattle as well as the hogs.  The egg layers and sheep are on our property, making it easy for our girls to check on their favorite lamb and help gather eggs when needed. 

We have also been busy developing a new cooperative food delivery!  We deliver raw dairy from H & H Farms and salad shares from Rosecreek Farms, along with our regular Marmilu meat and eggs.  If you have any questions, head over to our commerce website for all the details.

We are looking forward to a slightly slower fall and completing family projects like the girls' tree house and prepping the garden for springtime.  Thank you for your ongoing support and for making this farm life possible!

OH and for those who have asked . . . SHIRTS are available!  Click HERE!