Afternoon Chores

A few weeks ago Caleb asked if we wanted to join him for afternoon chores.  The girls are always clamoring to go with him, so we gladly accepted and piled in the van.  We currently lease two properties- one across the street and one five minutes down the road.  Our cows, layers and broilers are on the property further away, which is one reason we are not often along for the ride.  As we rode over, it looked as though the skies were about to open up.  I debated whether I should leave my camera in the car, but Caleb said he would protect it under his shirt if it began to rain.  This should not have brought me much comfort, seeing as most of our rain has been torrential.  In the end I took the chance, and I am so glad that I did!  The light was beautiful and the rain never came.

We started out in the "egg-mobile," where the girls helped us collect two buckets of eggs.  They have learned a few tricks of the trade and make the job move along with their little hands grabbing left and right.  There is one set of laying boxes that rests on the floor (after it came loose and took a nice fall) and Lucy knows that they are her responsibility.  She inevitably drops one or two but it is worth it to include her!

After egg gathering we made our way to the cows.  As Caleb started removing one electric fence line, the girls followed him on the 4-wheeler.  Each fiberglass rod that he removed was handed to the girls for safe keeping until we ran the new line.  For the next twenty minutes, Margo drove while Caleb walked.  I knew that Caleb had been teaching her how to drive the last few weeks, but this was the first time that I got to see her in action!  There is nothing quite like watching your kids grow up right before your eyes! 

There is a certain beauty in the mundane.  In the gathering of an egg and the methodical pacing of a paddock.  Farm life has been a trying adventure, but to its credit, it has provided a space to grow our character in how we persevere, remain faithful and obedient to the every day needs.  Certainly there are days, or weeks, when we wish for a break.  Just a moment to push the pause button while we gather ourselves.  But alas, time does not stop and the pause button is elusive.  So tomorrow and the next day and the one after that, we will have another opportunity to thank God for the work before us and do it gladly. 

My grandmother passed away earlier this year and at her funeral a portion of a note that she had written was read aloud.  It seems rather fitting:

"To find joy and satisfaction in the tasks of each day is to show respect to the place where God has put you.  And when you look around, there are a lot of things to be thankful for aren't there? Just to live in a beautiful setting is balm for the soul."