We are home.  The boxes are unpacked, the fridge is full and the streets are becoming more familiar.  After four (maybe five . . . ?) trips back and forth between VA and TN, Caleb has been able to settle in and attend to life on our new farm.  The sheep are moved daily to fresh grass, the piggies are soon to be out in the woods and the goats are happily eating along every fence row in sight.  The chores are pretty minimal at this time of year, but nothing ever really slows down.  Caleb has spent hours connecting with other farmers trying to locate more grass for our cattle, countless phone calls to hatcheries to place orders for the spring and many a night penciling out our timeline for building needed infrastructure.  In the midst of all the busyness we have been overwhelmed by the kindness of our neighbors and new community.  There is something sweet about moving "back home" for Caleb and I get to reap the benefits as his wife.  

Be sure to stay tuned because we will have both pork and beef available shortly after the new year!